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Season Three – 2019/2020

Episode Three: Spoma Jovanovic & Erica Payton Foh

We’re rounding out our mini-season, Covid conversation by shifting our attention to the topic of community organizing and the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Marcus Smith. Click on the YouTube link below…

Episode Two: Anne Parsons & Wade Maki

We’re continuing the Covid conversation we started in our last episode, with you a series of special video podcasts about how academic life is changing as we stay at home. Click on the YouTube link below…

Episode One: Jen Feather & Michael Hemphill

We’re back!!! After taking a brief hiatus (so Jeremy & Marianne could finish their respective book projects), Liquid Philosophy is back for a third season – this time with video!! Covid-19 has put most of our lives online, so we’re bringing you a series of special video podcasts about how academic life is changing as we stay at home. Click on the YouTube link below…

Season Two – 2018/19

Episode Four: Michael Roberto

Our first “off-campus” episode. We talk with Dr. Michael Roberto – a retired political science professor from NCA&T State University. Everybody gets a little feisty in this one!!

Episode Three: Provost Dana Dunn

UNCG’s Provost since 2014, Dr. Dana Dunn gives us some insights on what it’s like to manage the academic mission of a university. She also recites some poetry – so you’ll definitely want to check out this interview.

Episode Two: Crystal Dixon

We’ve got Crystal Dixon from UNCG’s Department of Public Health Education for our inaugural “dry episode.” Check out what Crystal has to say about her boxers (and we mean the dog variety), public health, and her work with the Greensboro Health Disparities Collaborative.

Season Two Opener: Hey – It’s Us!!

What better way to kick off Season Two than with an episode about us!! taped in Marianne’s living room, this episode is sure to be a crowd favorite. Just make sure Jeremy has some water.

Season One – 2017/18

Summer Special: Tom Martinek

If you’re looking for some inspirational stories about coaching, young people, and a little Phil Jackson (yeah, that guy), then we’ve got the episode for you. Dr. Tom Martinek joins us from UNCG’s Kinesiology Department for our first Summer Special!!

Episode 6: Bill Johnson

Some of you know Bill Johnson as the “Dean of Dreams.” He’s the Student Success Coordinator at UNCG. Bill is committed to helping students find their purpose – not just their major – during their undergraduate years.

Episode 5: Nadja Cech

We finally start our tour through the College of Arts & Sciences by inviting Dr. Nadja Cech from UNCG’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. She’s talking about fungi, growing up off the grid, and what it’s like to become a full professor by age 40.

Episode 4: Chancellor Frank Gilliam

For our 3rd guest, we have the inimitable 11th Chancellor of UNCG – Frank Gilliam. Click to hear his thoughts on everything from his research on race and media, to his guitar lessons, to his views on academic freedom.

Episode 3: Celia Hooper

We continue our podcast series with Dean Celia Hooper of the School of Health & Human Sciences at UNCG.

Episode 2: (More) Bob Wineburg

Looking for some more Bob Wineburg in your life? We’ve got you covered.

Episode 1: Bob Wineburg

We kick off our podcast series by interviewing Bob Wineburg, the Jefferson Pilot Excellence Professor in the Department of Social Work at UNC-Greensboro.