Welcome to Liquid Philosophy

Where a rag-tag bunch of academics have a few drinks & interview Professors, Deans, and other folks making strides in academia. We’re taking our talk out of the ivory tower to let our listeners know what we do is important…

…even if it takes us a couple of beers to get there.


Episode 2.2 is our inaugural dry episode!! Just because
you don’t drink alcohol (at least one air) doesn’t mean
we don’t have a seat for you at Liquid Philosophy!!
We’re celebrating October by welcoming Crystal Dixon from
UNCG’sDepartment of Public Health Education…

Click HERE: Torres BCS article-1 (1) to check out Crystal’s
favorite article…the one she couldn’t quite remember.



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Thanks to bensound.com for our theme music. He calls it Psychedelic – we call it perfect.