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Where a rag-tag bunch of academics have a few drinks & interview Professors, Deans, and other folks making strides in academia. We’re taking our talk out of the ivory tower to let our listeners know what we do is important…

…even if it takes us a couple of beers to get there.

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2020 is almost a wrap. We’ve survived the semester and another election season. To bid adieu to
this endless year, the 3 of us sat down over Zoom to give a little wandering re-cap of 2020.
So let us spin some tales of Marianne’s origin story with the Hollywood Con Queen, Jeremy’s past
few months as an outlaw, and Justin’s unfortunate run-in with some packed snow in Colorado.
It’s Liquid Philosophy, y’all…and we’re gonna send this b*#ch of a year off right.

Season 4, Episode 3: Just the 3 of Us

For this episode, we’re sticking with the video podcast. Click on the YouTube link to watch…

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