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Where a rag-tag bunch of academics have a few drinks & interview Professors, Deans, and other folks making strides in academia. We’re taking our talk out of the ivory tower to let our listeners know what we do is important…

…even if it takes us a couple of beers to get there.

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After a nice long break, we’re back with Episode 4 of Season 4 – and we’re bringing some Deans with us!! This episode welcomes Dean John Kiss from UNCG’s College of Arts and Sciences and Dean Carl Mattacola from our School of Health and Human Sciences. That’s right, y’all – we’re interviewing our own Deans. Hopefully, Jeremy and Justin haven’t ruined their tenure cases. For this episode, we have some fun – we get talk about Mars, get to know a little more about John & Carl’s respective research, and then…we play UNCGeopardy…which is definitely our absurdist take on the classic quiz game. Who will win the top prize???!!!?


Season 4, Episode 4: Dean John Kiss & Dean Carl Mattacola

For this episode, we’re sticking with the video podcast. Click on the YouTube link to watch…

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