Welcome to Liquid Philosophy

Where a rag-tag bunch of academics have a few drinks & interview Professors, Deans, and other folks making strides in academia. We’re taking our talk out of the ivory tower to let our listeners know what we do is important…

…even if it takes us a couple of beers to get there.

We’re bringing the semester and Season 4 to a close with Dr. Terri Shelton – UNCG’s Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement, as well as our Interim Provost. We talk a bit deeper about community engagement, what we’re taking away from a full year of teaching and researching in a pandemic, and other bits of general frivolity. Have a great summer & we’ll be back next season!!

Season 4, Episode 5: Vice Chancellor Terri Shelton

For this episode, we’re sticking with the video podcast. Click on the YouTube link to watch…

Bonus “Episode”: You Should Do a Podcast

Marianne and Justin co-hosted a webinar with the National Communication Association Center for Communication, Community Collaboration, and Change, which is based in UNCG’s Department of Communication Studies. We talk about the importance of podcasting as a platform for community engagement by welcoming Dr. Zitty Nxumalo (Ukuvusa Podcast), Hab Richardson (Hab’s Cast), Jenny Southard (UNCG Speaking Center), and Matt Bryant (University Communications) to walk through what it takes to host a podcast & how you might start your own.

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